[Ansteorra] Sable Shield

Miss Pict lady_pict2 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 15 14:57:16 PDT 2004

I too was pleased to see the crown honor such service. I also believe they 
are setting the bar so to speak for the future even if this award is only 
during their reign. As for others that have served, the reign is not over 

For those of you that were not at this event these two gentles were very 
entertaining throughout the event. It would have been very difficult to have 
been around them Friday night and throughout Saturday and not have a smile 
upon your face.

Lady Janie of DFT

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>I added the qualifier "Premier" in my post as I recalled HRM comment that
>these were the first gentles so honored. I missed the "Edict" portion of 
>announcement and the implications that had on the award. My apologies.
>Nevertheless, I was pleased to see TRM's desire to honor such service.
>Lord Elfsea
>From: "Bob Dewart" <gilli at hot.rr.com>
> > Well, we have a number of members who have been there and done that.  
> > they also be so recognized?  And if it's just for the reign, what's the
> > point of Primiers?
> >
> > Gilli
> >
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> >
> > > Just a bit of clarification, The Sable Shield is non-armigerous and 
> > > created by Edict of TRM to honor and thank those who have served
> > > in overseas lands (ie those in the Military).  What this means is that
> > > Sable Shield is not an ongoing award and that it only is in effect for
> > > duration of their reign.
> > >
> > > Don Modius, OP, OL
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