[Ansteorra] 6 Simple Rules for a Happy Pot Luck

ThoraOdottir at aol.com ThoraOdottir at aol.com
Fri Apr 16 07:19:41 PDT 2004

Greetings to the Populace of our fair Kingdom attending Guardian of the Tor,

It was brought up to me that some rules for the pot luck need to be set down 
to ensure that everyone has the most enjoyable dinner possible that evening.

As this combined pot luck is rather a new thing for a lot of people, here we 

1) If you expect to eat at the pot luck, you are expected to bring items 
    for it (food, cleaning supplies, labor, etc.)  It is not a free feast 
    for noncontributers. Even the poorest members can bring some bread 
    or a couple of gallons of bottled water.
    Otherwise, you are on your own for this meal.

2) Contributions to the potluck should be prepared in order to feed 10.  
    10 Ansteorrans with large appetites from a hard fought combat, work,
    or general enjoyment of the event.
3) People supplying food need to remember to bring serving ware (spoons, 
    forks, knives) as needed for their dishe(s). These are often forgotten.
    Remember them.

4) You need to remove leftovers/etc when the meal is done, so the 
    tables and such can be cleaned. 

5) If you wish to ask someone for some of the leftovers of a dish you 
especially enjoyed, 
     make sure you have brought some ziplock bags of your own.

6) You are responsible for cleaning up after yourselves.

Most of all enjoy yourselves.   Following these simple rules will allow all 
of us to enjoy ourselves and each others company.

Bon Appetite,

Thora Olafsdottir
Dragon's Fire Tor

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