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Namron’s Titled Brewer CompetitionJust a reminder to all.  In just 21 days
from today, you'll have missed the Premier Namron Beltane Brewing
Competition.  The winner will have been named, and awarded, all of the
celebratory beer/wine/mead will have been consumed, and you'll be in the
midst if the Premier Namron Beltane Brewing Competition Hangover!!!

If you would like to enter and win the competition, read the rules below and
prepare for the competition.

All entries will be taken in the Main Hall (listen for changes to the site,
since things can always change) between 10 AM and 12 Noon.  The judging will
be performed at Their Excellencies convenience over the afternoon.  Winners
will be announced sometime after the judging (hey, that's all I know).

Anyone having questions, should feel free to contact me.

Matthias the Brewer
matthiasthebrewer at cox.net
Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners, and Mazers
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  Greetings to all (again),

  Attached are the rules for the Premier Namron Beltane Brewing Competition.
(This time I really mean it!!)

  I'd like to encourage everyone to enter any or all categories (beer, mead,
and wine).  Great fame and fortune must surely await he/she who wins this
competition.  (Fame and fortune not included at this competition.)

  Should any have questions, feel free to contact me.  (OK, I’ve heard from
a lot of you already, and I swear I didn’t know the attachment would be
stripped.  Promise!!  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!!)

  (Still) Matthias the Brewer

  Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners and Mazers

  Beltane Brewing Competition

  1.      There are three categories:

  a.       Beers and Ales.  A fermented beverage where the primary
fermentable sugars are derived from grain.

  b.      Meads and Variants.  A fermented beverage where the primary
fermentable sugars are derived from honey.

  c.       Wines (grapes and other fruits).  A fermented beverage where the
primary fermentable sugars are derived from fruit juice, whether from grapes
or other fruits.

  2.      Each entrant may enter no more than one entry per category.

  3.      The entrant will decide in which category their entry should be
judged (for example, a braggot could be entered in either the Mead or Beer

  4.      An entrant cannot enter one type of beverage in more than one
category. For example, if one bottle of braggot is entered as a Beer,
another bottle of braggot [even if from a different batch or style] cannot
be entered in the Mead Variations category.

  5.      All entries must be of a style corresponding to the time period of
the SCA.

  6.      All entries must be documented.

  7.      The documentation for each entry must include the following:

  a.       A complete list of ingredients.

  b.      The period recipe the entry is based upon.

  c.       The recipe use to produce the entry if it differs from the period

  d.      An explanation of any variations from the period recipe
(substitution of ingredients, any steps which were skipped, and so on).

  8.      Any variation from period ingredients must be satisfactorily
explained (such as for health reasons) in the documentation.

  9.      Use of period technique is not required.

  10.  Use of period equipment is not required.

  11.  Any entries not in a period style will not be judged.

  12.  Any entries without documentation will not be judged.

  13.  Entry of any beverage with toxic or otherwise dangerous ingredients
is strictly forbidden.

  14.  All entries must have been produced by simple fermentation, without

  15.  Two standard size bottles must be provided for each entry: 16 ounce
or larger for beers and ales, and 750 ml or larger for meads, mead
variations, and wines.

  16.  Each bottle entered must be labeled. The label must include:

  a.       The name of the brewer/mazer/vintner.

  b.      The name of the beverage.

  c.       The category the beverage is to be judged in.

  17.  Judging:

  a.       All entries shall be judged by the Baron and Baroness of Namron,
and all others designated by the Baron and Baroness of Namron

  b.      Each entry will be judged and awarded points on the following

                             i.      Quality of documentation: 1-10 points
(10 being better).

                           ii.      Quality of the beverage (is the taste,
smell, color, clarity, alcohol level, appropriate to the style): 1-10 points
(10 being better).

                          iii.      The points for the quality of the
documentation and quality of the beverage will be added together to give a
range from 0-20.

                         iv.      The scores for each entrant for each of
the three categories will be added together. This will yield a maximum
possible score of 20 for an entrant who enters only one category, to a
maximum possible score of 60 for an entrant who enters all three categories.
This is done to assure the winner of this competition has a wide and diverse
skill set in the brewing arts.

                           v.      The entrant with the highest total score

  18.  In the event of a tie, the Baron and Baroness of Namron shall use
whatever means they deem fit to select among the entrants who tied.

  19.  With the sole exception of the premier competition, each year’s
competition shall be organized and run by the previous year’s winner. Should
the previous year’s winner be unable or unwilling the organize and run the
competition the Premier Brewer and/or any other winner of a previous
competition shall organized and run the event at the Baron’s and Baroness’

  20.  The rules of this competition may be changed only by the Baron and
Baroness of Namron.

  21.  The Baron and Baroness may choose to award the Baron’s Cup or
Baroness’ Cup to entrants of their choice.  These entrants will be
acknowledged as the Baron’s Own Brewer or Baroness’ Own Brewer.

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