[Ansteorra] Volunteers at Steppes Warlord Library

Ciard49 at aol.com Ciard49 at aol.com
Mon Apr 19 06:17:12 PDT 2004

Good Gentles,

If you would like to spend one or more shifts in the Library helping check 
books in and out (only to their owners), assist patrons, or help keep an eye on 
things - I have a cushy, sit-down, inside the cool air, job for you!

Shift workers are needed to help run and secure the Library at Warlord, which 
shall be open for the populace each day till Hall closing time, I believe 
that is 8 AM to 10 PM.

Two or three workers are needed for each shift to check-in and shelve books, 
and see no books leave the area, and no food or drinks come in.   This is 
especially true the first couple of days as folks bring in their books, and in the 
evening as more folks have time to browse.

Meet and Greet the populace and serve the educational ideals of the SCA.

Contact me by email or at 972-613-0010 (this computer line is usually busy)
or at 972-613-2927 (answered Volkman Bro's) and ask for Ciard. This is the 
phone line my Mothers answers for her boss at our home.

Please no calls after 10 PM

Ciard O'Seachnasaigh
MoAS, Barony of the Steppes

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