[Ansteorra] Guardian of the Tor 4/23-25/04

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 18 10:30:42 PDT 2004

Good day to all,

The tentative schedule for Guardian of the Tor, next weekend (4/23-25/04 at 
the Broken O Ranch near Glen Rose) will be.
8:00	              Armor inspection
10:00	              Fighting begins. Heavy and Rapier (Bear pit, fight till 
you drop
                              or don't want to get up again.
	              Archery (Fergus will be running this so you know it will be 

20 min. after dark	Bardic

For those partaking in the Pot Luck it will be sometime in the evening. 
Depends on when court is. We will update you at the event.

We had a fun day yesterday getting the site ready for the event. Most of the 
mowing is done. We will finish throughout this week. Ant poison will be 
spread on and around the list field. Evil bull nettle has been dug up on the 
fighting field. No grass burrs.

The Bardic pit has been readied.

For those of you that attended Crown Tournament last Fall NO BEES!!!

The weather was nice, around 79%. No mosquitoes, a slight breeze. The river 
is still a little on the cool side.

This is a primitive site. No running water and no pets. Driving speed is 

Site is wet in period containers.

Come and join us next weekend for Guardian of the Tor..
Lady Janie of DFT

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