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Wed Apr 21 05:17:11 PDT 2004

Greetings, Unto the populace 

First I apologize for this missive not going out sooner. I just got 
to a computer. 

Stargate Baronial was very much enjoyed by many. We had great company,
great food, and amazing weather. 

First I would like to thank out outgoing champions for their hard 
work, and welcome our incoming Champions. Forgive me for any misspellings.

Chiv - Earl Ulstead (from Loch Sollier)
Rapier - Master Modius (from Loch Sollier)
Youth Rapier - Maurice Raphael Rousseau (from Gate's Edge)
Children’s Champion  - Morgan Shannon O'Brian (from Stargate)
Equestrian - Gwenhevare Cordelia Maynard (From Gate's Edge)
Archery - Ricardo The Wanderer (from ???)

Thank you each for competing, I understand that each of the arenas 
were full of vigor, and that all combants were impressive. 

Lady Anne of Barrington, what can I say about you. You are so very 
amazing. I am very grateful to you for being there for me thank you 
if you ever need anything I'm here. 

Mistress Kaitlyn, I know I have said this many times, I would not 
of been able to do this without you. I didn't realize how much I 
really was going to need you until I needed you. Thank you for being 
that constant strength for me. 

Westgate - again you guys out did yourself on the luncheon. Lady 
Melody I understand you are the one who coordinated the canton. Thank 
you and your cooking is so yummy and well enjoyed. 

Baron Leofric - Thank you and your wonderful crew Feast was amazing,
most feast are edible but again yours was perfect... I heard so 
many compliments thank you for cooking for us. 

My setup & take down crew: Melchor Von Eijerland you stepped up when 
I needed you before and after the event. You were at Storage on Friday 
and anytime all weekend I needed something done you were there. 
We were small in numbers but you guys did a great job.. 
Setup & Take down of the Site was the following: 
Melchor Von Eijerland, Rhodri, Kaitlyn, Godwin, Malachi, Nessa, Bonin,
Serin, Gisele, Leofwin, Leofric, Gavin, Bianca, Alden, Gerald, if 
I have forgotten anyone I am very sorry, but know that my gratitude 
goes out to you. 

Eadric, Carluccio, Iean, Alissitasia, Thank you for coordinating 
& setting up & taking down & Clean up of the Archery. 

Eadric, I know I have already said this to you but again Thank you 
very much for how much you have worked with the girl scouts to keep 
them happy. You have down a tremendous job. Many are happy with you 
getting alcohol onsite as well. 

To rest of the coordinators thank you; this would of not happened 
without you. I have heard nothing but good things from the populace,
and even from a rep of the crown that this has been one of the most 
enjoyable events so far.

Annes: Thank you for the hand washing station & the wonderful weather. 

To our newest Pelican.. Mistress Sara Penrose thank you for doing 
our invitations, and choosing our event for your elevation. 

Bardic, Michele de Busseby & Gerald thank you for hosting this, and 
Ulstead thank you for the libations. 

CIC - Lady Caley thank you for coming from Seawinds to be my CIC 
& providing me with all you did. Your staff was ready at all times.
Thank you. 

Seawinds... I love you guys thank you for that you are, and all that 
you did.

Natalia & Sabine: Thank you for such wonderful prize scrolls. What 
can I do for you guys. 

Gwen Verch Cynwrig deYuys Mon - Waterbearing & website fantastic. 
Thank you for being the amazing friend and always there for me when 
I need a friend. 

Baron William of Welewen - Thank you for bringing the tables...and 
listening to me for weeks on end.. 

Gwynafwy Sinclaire - Thank you for making sure I was okay

Godwin & Lissa - Thank you again for letting us coordinate an event 
for you & your populace. It has really meant a lot for me to do this.
You where forever listening to ideas & giving input. Thank you  

L'in-servizio con l'amore
La signora Lisabetta Micola da Monte
Co-Steward Stargate Baronial 2004
La vostra vita è la vostro propria...Grippilo

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