[Ansteorra] 4/22 Guardian Pot Luck ---it's not to late

ThoraOdottir at aol.com ThoraOdottir at aol.com
Thu Apr 22 06:59:19 PDT 2004

Greetings to those attending Guardian of the Tor,

Well, site opens tomorrow evening and I am sure everyone is busy preparing 
and packing this evening.  This is the list of who is contributing what to the 
Pot Luck Dinner on Saturday evening.

If there is anyone out there who wants to participate but hasn't gotten on 
the list yet, don't worry.  Just use this list as a guideline as to what should 
already be there and fill in a gap if you find one.  I was just looking at it 
and thought it would be good if someone could bring something reliably kid 
friendly like chicken tenders or spaghetti for our younger members.

Lord Eoghan and Lady Janie...a dessert, pita bread, chunk meat and chicken
Lord Ailgenan and Lady Thora...spicy bean soup
Irina...bread, water, watermelon
Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood...brisket
Lord Logan and Lady Madelina...a dessert (baklava was mentioned) and demonic 
Kat...apple crisp, pasta salad, coffee, creamer
Clan Mac...Bread and butter
Lady Granya...Guinness Beer Bread
Mama Mac...green and black olives, raw veggies
Domhall...green salad and dressings
Tegwared and Catrin ferch Rhys...summer sausage, cheese, crackers, fresh 
Lady Innes ....disposable feast gear----bowls, plates, some plastic eating 
utensils, paper napkins
Lord Alric and Lady Fiona...turkey
Lord Armand and Lady Ameline...gingerbread and cranberry muffins
Jim...stuff for salad
Don Alaric ... beef sticks and summer sausage
Lady Sabine de Carter ... pasta salad
Gwen ... spinach dip and salad
Terrence adte Syke ... lemonade and tea

Thanks for your contributions and hope there are more of you out there 
waiting to see what your can rustle up.   Remember, no need to get fancy if you 
don't have the time.   This is about fun and fellowship with our friends. Can't 
cook worth a hill of fire ants?!  No worries. If you want to pick up something 
premade at a nearby store there are a Levels Food Store west of site in Glen 
Rose (5-10 minutes away), numerous stores in Granbury (30 minutes or so away), 
and a number of BBQ and take out places around both towns.   The important part 
is chippin' in and settin' down to a good meal with friends and family.

Bon Appetite,

Thora O

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