[Ansteorra] Question 4/24

Bob Dewart gilli at hot.rr.com
Sat Apr 24 23:50:54 PDT 2004

That's from the last time that gas went up, about a week ago.  :)

If I'm going to go somewhere or not, the price of gas doesn't even figure in
to it.

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> $4.50 more than when?
> When I bought my truck in 1998, gas was hovering right around $0.95 cents
> gallon or so... The truck got between 15 and 18 mpg on the highway, so it
> me approximately 5 to 6 pennies per mile... Pretty small... A 250 mile
trip down
> to DFW area only would cost me $25 round trip... Now, with gas up to $1.65
> more a gallon, and the truck's mileage fallen to 13-15 mpg, I get 10 to 11
> per mile.  A jump in price of $25.
> Now, granted, that's only $25, but hey, every bit counts.  I don't think
it will
> adjust the events I go to, but may end up becoming the straw that broke
> camel's back, i.e. "it’s a long week, I'm tired, it’s a long drive, AND
> going to cost a lot in gas."
> Jean Paul

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