[Ansteorra] Question 4/24

C. L. Ward gunnora at vikinganswerlady.com
Sun Apr 25 08:44:35 PDT 2004

Another point to consider is that if fuel prices are up, all consumer goods
prices will start to rise as well - someone has to pay for the gas in all
those Wal-Mart trucks, and it's us that does so in the end.  When gas prices
rise, the cost of meat and groceries, consumer goods, EVERYTHING goes up.
It just does it a few cents at a time, so that it's not immediately
noticable to the Average Joe that a gallon of gas actually costs MUCH more
than the price at the pump!

However, most of us ancient folk started in the SCA when we were in college
and had no money, cruddy cars that got 8 MPG, and so forth.  We dealt with
the financial obstacles then by carpooling, carefully choosing which events
we'd attend, trading lawnmowing and other services to others in our area for
transportation, and often going mostly to nearby local events because we
could afford to go and still buy stuff for wine coolers!

I have a LOT more junk and costumes and camping equipment to haul these
days, but thankfully the vehicles get better mileage.  But the part about
picking and choosing which events to attend will be important again... more
so since I'm still out of work and my only income is from my T-shirt shop
online.  Right now, it would not be good for me and my family to insist on
going to events when we're broke.  The happiness and finances of my marriage
and household have to come first, long before hobbies or avocations, no
matter how pleasurable.

It doesn't matter what the cost of gas is - at ANY time you have to look at
how much money you have, and how much of it HAS to go for bills, rent, and
the mundane necessities of your family.  THEN if you have disposable income
left over, you can spend it on SCA, or pizza, or beer, etc.  This is always
true, and I can't express how I cringe when I see someone whining about how
they HAVE to attend Event X, so they're gonna be late paying their rent!!!!



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