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I do try to purchase gas at Sam's Clubs when I'm in the area.  I've also
been diligent about noting which stations at what locations are cheaper to
plan my routes when I need to fill up.

As stated in another post, the cost of gas impacts more than travel
expenses.  Retail stores pass the rising cost of fuel onto the consumer.
Each time fuel costs go up, for whatever the reason, you can expect a
trickle down effect across the board for consumers.

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> I've been reading these E-mail about the price of gas..First off, living
in So.East Texas ,where we produce ALOT of oil and gas ,I resent paying that
high price for gas ...That being said,I found out something that I didn't
know ..but it's a good thing to pass on (and this is not an ad for WAL-Mart)
....If you have a super Wal-Mart by you ...you can get a Wal-Mat gift card
and when you use it at their gas stations you get 3 cents off that price...I
have a small car (around 25 mpg) but on a fuel-up that gives me an extra
35-40 miles ...and my site is about 50 miles from home ...so thats not to
bad....Just thought I'd pass this on ....it might help...in Service
always...Lady Kandyce of Oakcliff

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