[Ansteorra] Re: Ansteorra 4/24 Question

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 00:28:15 PDT 2004

   I live in the far southern part of Northkeep
(actually live south of McAlester OK.) That puts a
Northkeep event at the regular site (guessing) at 145
miles one-way...many events in the Northern Region are
held at camp Cimmarron, which I reckon as about 155
each way.
   Plus, there is no quick route to either of them
from where I live..so I used to figure about $30 in
gas to an event, plus a 3+ hour drive time each
way..which means a stop or two, and more money spent.
   $30 probably won't get me a round trip for
Cimmarron any more..figure site, somethings (yes,
plural,) :) to eat/drink on the road and while there,
and it's at least $50 for a day-trip..now porbably
closer to $60-plus. No one else going to events from
here, so that is not an option, and that's not buying
anything at the event.
   It's something I consider when thinking of a
spur-of-the-momemt trip to an event (work situations
often prevent a lot of lead time.)
   Even a trip to poulace meeting is likely to go at
least $30, counting gas, tolls, munchies and a meal.


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