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Mon Apr 26 06:25:28 PDT 2004

The earlier comparison were interesting, but for some, not realistic. 
Let's compare gas to other everyday items.  Gas now costs me about $5 a
week more than it did.  Over the past 3 or 4 months, milk has gone from
1.99 a gallon to 2.49 (at a gallon a day, that's 3.50 a week.). 
Hamburger has gone from 1.59 a pound to around 2.19 a pound.  And there
hasn't been a sale on chicken or Round Steak in my area (Dallas/Steppes)
in two weeks.  Sometimes even Ramen Noodles are too expensive.  It's not
just gas prices for me.  


On Sun, 25 Apr 2004 21:52:05 -0700 (PDT) rachel luce
<rachel_luce1975 at yahoo.com> writes:
>       The reason we don't think of those commodities in those terms 
> is because the rate of consumption of each is different. People pay 
> attention to the price per gallon of gas because that is the rate at 
> which we have to deal with it every day. IMHO comparing gas prices 
> per gallon to these other commodities' prices per gallon is somewhat 
> useless because the average household doesn't go through a gallon of 
> these products in a *year* much less a day. 
>       I can hear some of you now-- you're misisng the point. No, I 
> just happen to think that this list is great example of a straw man. 
> What we need to consider is how high can the cost of fuel rise 
> before more  is affected than which events we'll be going to this 
> month. Think about our means of shipping commodities across the 
> nation and you'll see what I'm talking about. It isn't by train.
>                                                     -Xanthe
> Ron Brooks wrote:I got a lot of this off of an email some else sent 
> me,with the gasprice
> thread on going, I felt it sort of fit.
> **************************************************************
> Putting things in perspective
> Reference: And you think gas prices are high? Check out these prices 
> per
> gallon in comparrision.
> Diet Snapple 16oz $1.29 $10.32 per gallon
> Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19 $9.52 per gallon
> Gatorade 20 oz $1.59 $10.17 per gallon
> Ocean Spray 16 oz $1.25 $10.00 per gallon
> Brake Fluid 12 oz $3.15 $33.60 per gallon
> Vick's Nyquil 6 oz $8.35 $178.13 per gallon
> Pepto Bismol 4 oz $3.85 $123.20 per gallon
> Whiteout 7 oz $1.39 $25.42 per gallon
> Scope 1.5 oz $0.99 $84.48 per gallon
> And check out htis one...
> Evian 9 oz $1.49 $21.99 per gallon
> $21.99 a gallon for water

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