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I will put a little more perspective on this. I have lived in England and
Germany where the gas is more expensive. Neither country is much bigger than
Alabama and they both have massive, cheap, public transportation. I would
not mind the cost of gas if I could walk a couple of blocks and hop on a bus
or train and go anywhere in this country I choose in a reasonable amount of
time. The metroplex is so big you can go through a tank of gas in a couple
of days going back and forth to work and a couple of meetings and classes.
As far as drinks, etc go, we have alternatives to those. Putting cheap tap
water in our gas tank, however, would tend to be detrimental, rather than
beneficial, to our financial situation. 

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Been watching this thread for abit....

Gonna toss this in for some fun...

Found this on the Boston Globe web site, dated 4/15/04

"In the United States last week, regular unleaded gasoline cost about $1.76 
a gallon on average, with some motorists in California paying more than $2.
The average price of gasoline in Britain was $5.38 a gallon, a bargain 
compared with the Netherlands, where it was $5.69 a gallon. In Germany it 
was $5.01, while the French got away with paying $4.78"


We Americans still have the best prices in gasoline in the world. Our 
petroleum companies are still the best producers, best explorers for oil 
and are the main reason that gas in the US is even at it's worst right now 
$2.25 in parts of the NE and NW.

But, before someone takes the shot about mpg that most of our cars get, I 
will say this....

WE have allowed the auto makers to make cars that get less than 20mpg and 
WE have bought cars that get 12-13 mpg (average city & highway mix of 
60-40%) like most pick-ups and SUV's get. And check the parking lot of the 
events. Lots of trucks, vans and a growing number of SUV's. Gotta have 
someplace to put that stuff.  :)

Also, as the mean age of the SCA creeps up, we get to where we like our 
creature comforts like room in the cockpit, AC, soft seats and easy driving.

Don't get me wrong, I like my comforts just as much as anyone. I drive a 
Jeep that gets 19MPG on a good day. I love my car and my dream car is a 
1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am with a 455 HO engine that might get 5MPG. 
So, I am willing to forgo something in order to have them.

Americans are and always will be in love with their cars.

European auto makers have fewer emission junk on their engines, get better 
mileage and their cars are smaller in general  and they have  a much better 
developed mass transit system than the US.

So, when you crunch the numbers.... a 25 gallon tank of gas at $1 a gallon 
is $25. At 1.75 a gal it is $43.75. That is a $18.75 increase.

But what is $18.75? once or twice a month.

A 20oz Coke is $1.10, so that would be 17.04 cokes.

A good meal on the town today at someplace like Olive Garden or the like is 
$15 to $20.

A couple of good hamburgers, 1 new DVD and et.al each is in the $18 to $20 

If one wants to participate, one can. There are always means to re-arrange, 
for-go that something or just be a little less impulsive in a purchase to 
cover the cost of the gas or travel in order to make an event.

It is all a matter or priorities and desires.

I for one will not be making any changes in travel.

With a dual residence due to job issues, one more tank of gas is not even 
on the radar.

Just my observations.......

Your mileage may vary, some assembly required, batteries not included.....

In Service,
HE Niklas
Baron of Raven's Fort

At 10:28 AM 4/25/04 -0500, you wrote:
>I got a lot of this off of an email some else sent me,with the gasprice
>thread on going, I felt it sort of fit.
>Putting things in perspective
>Reference: And you think gas prices are high? Check out these prices per
>gallon in comparrision.
>Diet Snapple 16oz   $1.29          $10.32 per gallon
>Lipton Ice Tea 16 oz $1.19          $9.52 per gallon
>Gatorade        20 oz $1.59          $10.17 per gallon

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