[Ansteorra] Rising Prices affecting the SCA as a whole?

sandra goodrich tgnst at swbell.net
Mon Apr 26 14:11:10 PDT 2004

Tarl and I have always strived to handle our approach to what we spend on our game in an adult manner... Needs and obligations have to come first, :-)
We consider our eventing months in advance. If things come up unexpectedly, we stay home from something we would have attended or rearrange things so one or both of us can attend something we hadn't previously planned on. If financing is a problem we ground ourselves until, :-)
We also have to work around Tarl's schedule so drive time and aging bones are a big factor as well as budgeting... If we go farther than the Steppes area we have to schedule Friday off, or pull vacation time, :-( 
There are lots of creative ways to be at the places we feel we need to be, and we've applied any number of them over the years...
But getting back to my roots, I enjoy events best when I can set up on Friday night, take my stuff, have a fire and even cook in camp, enjoy a long Saturday night, and not have to bust camp at daylight on Sunday to be home by dark...
So yes,  Gas prices are going to effect everything and everyone, and make for less money to spend on the SCA.
And that all means playing my game closer to home, wish it wasn't so, :-(,...'Stacia

DAFPIG at aol.com wrote:
Hi List,

After reading all the interesting responses to the raising gas prices, it led 
me to ponder the effect the rising cost of living overall is/will affect the 
kingdom/SCA. While these obstacles will not deter the determined or the 
"kingdom" players, it will affect the "everyday" gentle.

It has already been mentioned that the rise in gas prices will make some 
gentles reevaluate an event in a different part of the kingdom or even 4-5hrs 
away. I'm of the opinion that in the next couple of years, we will see this 
kingdom become Much more focused on a local/regional level than a kingdom level. 

Any thoughts?

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