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Jan Aarons loveofhalesworth at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 17:24:51 PDT 2004

I would agree with most of your statement but I don't think the statement below was very fair. It shouldn't matter if you are rich or poor, it only matters how you play the game. If someone wishes to spend there hard earned dollar going to an event and find they will have to eat tuna all week to afford it then I commend them. Enjoyment was meant to be had by all, not a privileged few. And unless you had an unlimited source of funds from your parents when you first moved out on your own or went to college then I can sure remember eating tuna all week or giving up that cool backpack so I could spend the money on going to a concert with my college chums. And that is reality. It doesn't matter who you are gas prices effect us all in one way or another. If it simply means every time you pull up at the gas pump it gives you another reason to grumble as I just did 20 minutes ago. But for people like my son who recently got married it has a larger impact as they have to budget differently
 because an extra $20 a week for gas will mean they don't get a night out for the week or they have to buy less groceries for the week. But if they truly want to do something like North Sea Raids they plan ahead and do with out a night at the movies or the cokes for a week or two and then they have the extra money. Point being they both attend college and work to make ends meet. Even know I pay for his college he still has to pay pretty much everything else since he got married. And yes at this point you could pretty much say he was poor. So, you shouldn't say that poor people shouldn't play in the SCA. That would be like me telling my son, sorry son since you got married and you only make $8 an hour you are poor and you shouldn't play in the SCA it is to much of a luxury for you. Think about that! Normally I don't take things so personally but I felt like that had to be addressed. It was rude to anyone who lives on a budget and to tell you the truth I found it personally offensive
 and in mundane life I would be considered upper middle class. And in reality unless your parents were filthy rich at one time or another you were poor too!

In Service, Love

There are a few realities that we should keep in mind when we are looking at 

First, most people in the SCA aren't made of money. That's just a fact. 
Now, maybe people who are poor shouldn't be wasting their few funds on a 
luxury like the SCA, or perhaps those of us who are flush don't quite grasp 
(or have forgotten) how important those few luxuries are to getting by daily 
when the wolf's at the door.

Don't count the years - count the memories...
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by the 
moments that take our breath away!
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