[Ansteorra] Bordermarch feast

charles netterville cnetterville at ih2000.net
Mon Feb 2 15:38:58 PST 2004

Greetings and well come Ansteorra.
    This year it will be my pleasure and honor to be preparing and serving feast at the Bordermarch baronial championships.
After much thought and consultation, we have decided to prepare an Italian feast consisting of pastas, vegetables and an entree of chicken parmesan with my famous cheese cake tartlets for dessert. 
    Our lovely event steward  Ly. Ophelia has  graciously agreed to take pre registrations and they can be sent to   ophelialarue at yahoo.com ...Please include a mundane name, society name if available for each member of your party and ages if children will be accompanying you.  
    It has also been brought to my attention that various dietary concerns may need to be met. Prevalent among these would be those sensitive to dairy. As almost every course is prepared with some form of dairy it is important to get with me to let me know how many entrees I'll need to prepare without the cheeses. Please contact me at cnetterville at ih2000.net so I can get a count. The sooner the better as I plan to start cooking this week. Most of the recipes I'll be preparing this year are tried and true and have been served throughout the Northern continent, however I will be introducing a couple of new ones so I solicit in advance your criticisms and critiques. I look forward to serving you on the evening of March 6th at the site of the only known stone castle in the known world. 
    Come. Fight, delight, and make merry throughout the day. Accept the hospitality of TE Armand and Caitrin Delacy in the tradition that is Bordermarch.

In servitiae Christe et Coronae
Ld. Elrique

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