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Fri Feb 6 12:09:38 PST 2004

I want to share a little of what I'm doing at work 
this week.  This announcement should be of interest to
anyone in Texas who likes to read or do research about
European history, or any other subject:

The Library of Texas at LibraryofTexas.org is a new
service offered by the Texas State Library and Archives
Commission that allows users to easily discover and
retrieve desired information from multiple library catalogs,
databases, and other knowledge collections. 
The Library of Texas groups these information resources 
together by subject and region. Users have the option to
create and save their own groups of favorite resources for
searching. Many search results from the TexShare databases
will include the full text from the original article,
satisfying the information needs of the user right away.
For materials that are not immediately available online,
search results will include links to online bookstores and
an ILL request form so that the user can obtain the desired

Visit the Library of Texas at LibraryofTexas.org
one word). You will need to log in with your TexShare login
ID and password.  Get this at your local Texas public or
academic library. If your computer accepts "cookies" it will
remember your ID so that next time you visit you
will not need to log in again. Texas library users may use
this service from any Internet location, not just at the
library. Users do not need an ID to search library
catalogs, but will need to use the TexShare
login ID and password to get access to TexShare databases.
Trust me, searching commercial databases like OCLC WorldCat
and EBSCO Academic Search Premier from home and then 
requesting inter-library loans online is the height of 
decadence for a scholar.  As for Ansteorrans north of the
Red River, I'm sorry but I can't help you with this one.

Don Maelgwyn Dda

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