[Ansteorra] Coastal Invasion/Seawinds 20th

Patty prand at swbell.net
Thu Feb 12 08:19:23 PST 2004

Greetings to all good gentles making their way to Coastal Invasion,
All preparations have been made for a great event.  Just a few announcements to make your stay more comfortable.  Due to the site being soggy, please be prepared to  carry in your stuff.  Fortunately the site is small so the trip will not be a long one.  Fires are permitted but above ground only!!!  There is no firewood on site so you must bring your own.  If you choose not to camp there are hotels in the area.  Visit our website at
www.seawinds.org for hotel information.  There is also a schedule of events as well as a site map--we have moved things around this time so check it out (troll is on the opposite side, look for the signs)
There is a large covered area for court and feast.  Bring chairs and tables, as there is limited table space for feast.  
And finally.....Bardic is FRIDAY NIGHT at 11 pm.  Bring extra coin for a chance to win a beautiful chair at the raffle, or to bid on all the wonderful treasures at the silent auction.  And for a small fee our Messangers of Love will deliver that special message to your true love.
Safe travel to all,
HL John Lightfoot
Caitriona inghen Mhic Lochlainn
Autocrats for Coastal Invasion/Seawinds 20th

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