[Ansteorra] Modern and Period thoughts.

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Fri Jun 4 23:02:42 PDT 2004

Here's one, however hazy that it might be -- one archaic meaning of 
'franchise' is to right to vote. A man who was 'enfranchised', could vote 
for his representative, or in a straight democratic election for a person 
or an issue. "Exercise your franchise" used to be an election slogan ~!

This is from oop, at least from where I know it, in the American Colonial 
and Revolutionary days. And yes, it was tied into property. If a man was 
'landed', he was considered a safer custodian of the interests of the 
government, because it was his own self-interest.


At 03:49 PM 06/03/2004, you wrote:
>I was talking with a roommate about his thesis the other day, and we ended 
>up going into the definitions of the word 'franchise', and how its use to 
>describe a business model has changed the way the word is used. Then I 
>went to an event, and ended up thinking about the discussion while I was 
>there. This led me around to thinking about a comparison of the modern 
>Franchise business system and the old Feudal/Vassal system of 
>government.  The idea gets even more interesting when you realize that 
>much of the money that comes into McDonalds Corporate is that they own the 
>land which the stores are on.  Possibly a thesis topic for someone in a 
>government, business, or law major. Any thoughts from anyone?
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