[Ansteorra] Loss of an Ansteorran

Duke Richard richard at duke.sca.org
Mon Jun 7 22:36:09 PDT 2004

I convey sad tidings with this missive, on behave of my wife, Countess 
Anne.  After a period of severe ill health, Honorable Lady Cerelia de 
Lacy of Sherborne, CSM, Crane, Thistle, Comet, AoA passed from this 
life, to what I pray is a more serene and gentle place.  Though she has 
not been active for several years, due to poor health, many in Northern 
Ansteorra have benefited over the years from her efforts to enrich our 
fair kingdom.  Those who knew her marveled at her tenacious skill for 
wresting donations of material and services from local merchants for the 
(then) Shire of Northkeep.  Her motto was." It doesn't cost much more to 
go first class." and she never did anything in a small way.  With Grand 
Purple Pavilions and extensive heraldic displays, it was clear when Casa 
de Morodo (House Purple) was on site.  As Lady of the House, Honorable 
Lady Cerelia left no stone unturned in her quest to affirm that "Purple 
IS period."  She will be greatly missed by those of us who knew her well.

Honorable Lady Cerelia (mka Trudy Weddington) is survived by her 
husband, Honorable Lord Rafael Diego de Burgos (Larry Wedding), her 
daughter Countess Anora (Anne) Frayne of Winward (Kimberly Rischard), 
and her sons Craig Weddington and Lord William de Lacy of Sherborne 
(Eric Weddington) and 5 grandchildren

Duke Richard

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