[Ansteorra] More activities added for Passe de Armes

Jim Long jflong at swbell.net
Wed Jun 9 15:00:02 PDT 2004

Even at this late hour, we have added more events to make Passe de Armes XV
more enjoyable!

The Adlersruhe Sewing Guild will sponsor an on-site sewing competition.
Participant will pick up supplies and be told the theme, and then have the
afternoon to have a piece readied. Entrants are encouraged to bring their
own needles, scissors, and hoops.

There will be several Korean tea ceremonies held throughout the day. Though
these will be limited in participants, there will be viewing allowed, so
that all those interested may see the talents of these servers.

The Sahara Nar Dance Troupe will hold a class on Middle Eastern dance, and
another on the performance of the Zill cymbals. Participants are encouraged
to bring Zill if they have them. Sahara Nar will also perform during feast
for the enjoyment of all.

As always, any questions can be directed to jflong at swbell.net . I look
forward to seeing all in just days!

Ld. Guy de Beaumont
Event Steward, Passe de Armes XV

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