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And you'll be here in time for our 25th anniversary - see web site for more

Her Ladyship Arabella de Montacute - Co-Steward Ansteorra Argent Anniversary

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My sympathies to those who were close to the Lady.
Artemisia has recently lost one of it's own as well,
he was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident last
Friday and my shire is mourning his loss.

On a brighter note, I just wanted to pop in and say
hello to you all.  My name is Naima and my lords name
is Nasir (but you can call him Alf), we will be moving
to your fine kingdom next month arriving around the
6th of July.  We have already been in contact with
Bjornsborg and are looking forward to meeting those
folks, and we look forward to meeting our new kingdom
fellows as well.


Sayyida Naima bint Rashid al-Andalusiyya, CGP
Shire of Bronzehelm
Kingdom of Artemisia
Those who live by the sword, die by the clothyard shaft (my bumpersticker)

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