[Ansteorra] Lilies Storms

Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Sun Jun 13 15:33:26 PDT 2004

I talked to Sir Asoph a couple of hours ago.  Apparently a big storm hit the
Lilies site last night like a thunderbolt.  One minute there was a nice
breeze, the next minute Daffyd commented "Hey, its getting cold!  We should
go button up the tents." 

Apparently the next image they saw was Don Alexanders tent flying over their
head.  It continued on a bit until it valiantly slew a couple of portable

The storm blew over in a short period of time (half-an-hour?) and left
devastation in its wake...One person (apparently) was taken to the hospital
because she'd lost all of her heart medication...

A romanticized version can be found here:


Jean Paul

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
cchipman at nomadics.com

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