[Ansteorra] Will your group be left out?

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Thu Jun 17 10:57:06 PDT 2004

Dear Ansteorra,

Two weeks ago, I sent out a call to all groups to contact me if they wanted
to participate in our glorious anniversary by displaying their group's
history in the Argent Museum. I have had a poor response so far.

We have 42 groups in our kingdom. So far, I have had only 8 groups respond
that they intend to display. Thank you to the groups who have already said
they would display.

I know we are all frantic trying to get ready for this
once-in-a-kingdom's-lifetime event but I don't want anyone left out if we
can help it. To try to head off remarks of "I thought *you* were taking care
of that!" I have added my records of responses and non-responses below.
Please look through it to see if your group shows a "No Contact" response. I
am hoping that more of you will contact me in the very near future. Until
then, I remain...

In Service,
H.L. Annes Clotilde von Bamburg
AAA Museum director
Contact me at: hlannes at ev1.net
Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

AAA Museum Display

Region/Group  Contact-Y/N    Contact By    Items to Display

Dragonsfire Tor     No
Elfsea                     No
Emerald Keep         No
Glaslyn                     No
Lindenwood             No
Loch Ruadh             No
Rosenfield                 No
Steppes                     No
Three Bridges             No

Boardermarche         Yes     Tessa     Still deciding
Gate's Edge             Yes     Annes     Pictures/News letters
Greywood                 Yes     Chiara     One picture of original gauntlet
La Marche Sauvage     No
Loch Sollier                 No
Sea Winds                 Yes     Caitriona     Still Deciding
Stargate                     Yes     Annes
Stone Bridge Keep     No
Westgate                     Yes     Hillary         Still Deciding

Brad Leah                 No
Chemin Noir             No
Eldern Hills                 No
Mooneschadowe         No
Namron                     No
Northkeep                 No
Rivers Run                 No
Skarrgard                     No
Wastelands                 No
Wiesenfeuer                 No

Bjornsborg                 No-I've seen some discussion on the Bjornsborg
list but                                     no contact
Bryn Gwlad             Yes         Lowrie     Still deciding
Ffynnon Gath             No
Middleford                 No
Ravensfort                 Yes         Brian          Still deciding
Shadowlands             No
Tempio                     No
Tir Medoin                 No

Adlersruhe                 No
Blacklake                     No
Bonwicke                     No
Crossroad Keep         No
Mendersham                 No
Trelac                         No

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