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Update - Jehanne's class will be from 10AM-Noon...


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>Sounds like a great class!
>What time is it scheduled?

The class "Accessorizing Costumes", presented by Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon,
will be 10AM-11AM. The final updated schedule is available on the King's
College website for reference as well.

I've had several folks email me about changing registrations or asking
questions about confirmations of registration, or asking why we closed
registration Thursday night.

Registration had to close Thursday night in order that class sign-up sheets
could be printed and available when on-site registration opens tonight at
7PM.  Accordingly, we can no longer make any registration changes
electronically - you can make any changes necessary at the event.

To allow for some flexibility, and for folks who might not have had access
to the King's College Website, we held back several class slots on all
limited-registration classes, typically 25% of the available class
positions.  This means that there will be some room for changes, and if you
weren't able to register for a closed class online, there may very well be
an opening or two when you arrive at the event.  The registration desk opens
on-site this evening at 7PM, and again Saturday morning as the event opens.

Preregistration should speed things up for most people who are attending
King's College.  It also allowed Mistress Mari and myself to see what
classes were filling fastest, and to ask instructors of the most popular
classes to consider adding another section of the same class in order to
accomodate eager students... meaning more of you have the chance to attend!
Having the preregistrations also allows the instructors to have some idea
about how many handouts and other materials they should make available.
Overall, it's a big improvement over the registration table bottlenecks I've
seen in the past, when all 100+ attendees had to manually register as they

I hope that the King's College 2004 website and registration system have
been useful and worked well for most of you!  As we can, we hope to add
greater automation to the process, to make it easier for folks to use next
year, and to offer more information that's easy for everyone to access.

I wish to all of you safe and enjoyable travel to Brad Leah for King's
College 2004!


Mistress Gunnvor silfraharr
MOAS Virtual Scribe and Technology Assistant to the MOAS King's College

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