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Bob Dewart gilli at hot.rr.com
Fri Jun 18 20:55:24 PDT 2004

Well, that's OK.  We'll be doing basically the same thing Thanksgiving
weekend at Archer's Revel.  Just watch for the adds and such.  Have a safe
trip down.

The more arrows you loose, the more that can hit GOLD.
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> Gilli,
> thanks for the invite, but that's the day we're
> leaving for Texas lol, we won't be arriving there
> until either late July 4, early july 5th
> Oh and if anyone knows of a one bedroom house/duplex
> with a yard that allows pets in a range of $350 - $450
> a month that is open now, it would be great info we're
> having very very bad luck finding a place to live.
> one place kinda hit the hole in the road and we are
> once again back to the starting point  It appears it
> may be the tent (good thing we just bought a large one
> lol) for a bit.
> :)
> Naima
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