[Ansteorra] Argent Museum Update and Info

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Sat Jun 19 08:08:05 PDT 2004

Good Morning, Ansteorra!

Here is an update on the groups who have contacted me about putting items
for display in the Argent Museum. Please check it and if there are
corrections or additions please let me know.

Based on a suggestion from H.E., Sir Syf, I am adding 3 areas to the museum
display. These areas are: Atenveldt, Principality and Kingdom. There are
folks out there who have history from the earliest times who have been
contacting me about display but didn't really fit into any "group". This is
now remedied. So if you have items of historical interest from these times
or something that would fit best into the catagory of "Kingdom", please
contact me if you wish to bring these to share with the populace.

Museum hours for viewing by the populace are noon to 4 p.m. Thursday and 10
a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday. You may bring items to display at any
time during the event. I should be with the museum most of the event and
will be happy to find space for your historical treasures. Please remember
to contact me in advance so I can assure there is space for you. Remember
also to bring something which explains your item(s) history. I will have
materials available if you forget this.

Please see the update below. Until then, I remain...
In Service,
Argent Museum director
Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

History from Mother Atenveldt pending Arms of Michael of Moria
Principality History Pending contacts made but not confirmed
Kingdom History Pending contacts made but not confirmed

Central Region
Dragonsfire Tor     No
Elfsea                     No  Contact made but not confirmed
Emerald Keep         No
Glaslyn                     No
Lindenwood             No
Loch Ruadh             No
ROSENFIELD         YES   Photo from 3 kings
STEPPES                 YES Still deciding
Three Bridges             No

Coastal Region (Go Coastal!! Hey, Stone Bridge...make it unanimous!)
BOARDERMARCHE         YES Still deciding
GATE'S EDGE                 YES Pictures/News letters
GREYWOOD                 YES One picture of original gauntlet
LOCH SOLLIER                     YES  Newsletters and more
SEA WINDS                         YES Still Deciding
STARGATE                         YES Artifacts and notebooksNewsletters
Stone Bridge Keep             No
WESTGATE                         YES Still Deciding

Northern Region
Brad Leah                     No
Chemin Noir                 No
ELDERN HILLS         YES 7 portraits of previous barons and baronesses
Mooneschadowe Pending Contacted by member Waiting to hear
NAMRON             YES Newsletters, baronial history, 1st baronial coronet
NORTHKEEP         YES Domesday, banner, photos
Rivers Run                 No
Skarrgard                     No
Wastelands                 No
Wiesenfeuer                 No

Southern Region
Bjornsborg No-I've seen some discussion on the Bjornsborg list but no
BRYN GWLAD          YES Still deciding
Ffynnon Gath             No
Middleford                 No
RAVENSFORT         YES Still deciding
Shadowlands             No Shanahan is going to try to bring Shadowlands
history  if she can make it to AAA
Tempio                     No
Tir Medoin                     No

Western  Region-Hello Western! I'd love to hear from you. Anybody?
Adlersruhe                 No
Blacklake                     No
Bonwicke                     No
Crossroad Keep             No
Mendersham                 No
Trelac                         No

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