[Ansteorra] Guardian of the Tor Thank You

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 22 14:55:57 PDT 2004

Guardian of the Tor has finally been completed. Now it is time to say thank 

To our site owner thank you.

To our Baron thank you for honoring us with your attendance.

Seamus always an entertaining herald.

Thank you to all that attended.  The sun was bright and the competition 
fierce. I heard Centurion Tomas after the competition going “I didn’t come 
in second” I think he was a little excited about his win.

Thank you to those that helped set up. Guyon, T.J., Eoghan, the folks from 
Loch Ruadh and all others.

Loch Ruadh supplied our archery targets and HL Fearghus stepped in to run 
the competition.

Carrol (bad spelling) of house Mac stepped in to run rapier. Dare (probably 
more bad spelling) ran heavy.

Our list mistresses Ceinwen and I was unable to catch the other Lady’s name. 
(Please forgive me). Thank you for your time.

Our water bearers Cormick (please be spelt close to correct) and Morgan.

The take down crew, you made life much easier that day.

Christiona took care of troll.

The pot luck was wonderful. We all had plenty.

Bardic was wonderful. The populace voted in our new champion who composed 
his entry between the fighting and potluck.

On Sunday we finished putting things up with the help of Thora, Chris, 
Elmer, Eoghan, T.J. and house Mac.

We had a small Bardic in the river Saturday night, which was fun.

Despite the heat the event went well.

Thank you all for making it that way.

If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me and give me a swift kick the 
next time you see me.

Lady Janie of Dragonsfire Tor

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