[Ansteorra] Possible Virus -

Olivia G. Rodrigues ladyoliviar at lycos.com
Wed Mar 3 11:03:11 PST 2004

There is an email going around that could be a virus.  Seven times today I've received an email, from recognizable addresses, that has a .zip file attached.  The message includes a "password" in which to open said .zip.  I don't know what it does but I just wanted to give a heads up.

The subject line reads either: 

ello=)) or mew-mew

and the sender info WILL BE recognizable.  If any of our gifted computer savvy members knows what this is, could you pass on the info so we'll know who to pillage and plunder for retaliation?

Many thanks!

Carpe Diem Ex Illo Vitae Opprime!

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