[Ansteorra] Patronage for The Baron's Men

Adam Seymour Adam_Seymour at thebaronsmen.org
Sat Mar 6 13:23:48 PST 2004

Unto all Good Subjects of the Ansteorran Crown does Adam Seymour, proprietor 
of the Aster Theater, send Fair Greetings and Well Wishes,

Good friends, I greet thee one and all and truly hope that this letter doth 
find thee in the very best of health and spirits. The Baron’s Men have 
recently announced two dates for their new play, The Merry Wives of Windsor, 
a comedy by that promising young playwright named William Shakespeare. Both 
of these shows are to take place in mine own theatre, The Aster, which must 
be moved to the baronies of Ravensfort and Loch Sollier.  As thou wouldst 
well imagine, disassembling and transporting so fine a place as The Aster is 
a costly undertaking, though one we gladly endure for the entertainment of 
the kingdom. 

Yet, to defray these costs, The Baron’s Men are now seeking patrons for 
their spring season. Yes, you may become patron to Ansteorra’s finest 
theatrical troupe! We are most grateful to our patrons and to show that 
gratitude reserve special seating, almost as good as the Crown’s, and list 
all patrons in the billing of the play. There are no set amounts for our 
patrons – you may pay as much as you like! – but regardless of the amount, 
you’ll have the undying gratitude of the house owner and players. 

For those wishing to become patrons of The Baron’s Men, please send a post 
to Adam_Seymour at thebaronsmen.org and I’ll return thy missive with 
information regarding how to go about it. 

With many thanks and well wishes, I do remain,
Adam Seymour,
Proprietor of the Aster Theater

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