[Ansteorra] RE: Ansteorra Digest, Vol 10, Issue 7

Gerita/Carolle Cox hpockets at verizon.net
Sun Mar 7 07:18:59 PST 2004

To the Great People of Ansteorra, 

While I do see the point of several of the complaints originally listed,
and do see inequities each time I attend Gulf War, and while I can get
just as feisty about oversights and just plain silly rules, there is a
bigger point here:


We are a large Kingdom filled with hard-working, hard-playing, warm and
friendly individuals. Everyone has a few whiners - ours are put to work!

This kind of squabbling is absolutely beneath us.  We have War liaisons
whose job and pleasure it is to handle problems during the negotiations
and planning for these events.  They do a great job, especially when we
make them aware of our issues ahead of time.

Please - do as we've always done:  head off to War.  Leave your "issues"
at the border and let's have some fun beating up on our friends
Trimaris, and partying with everyone! If these issues rear their heads,
make notes and forward them Right After War to our Liaison so they can
be part of the negotiation for future years.  Don't let them sour the
war for you.  It's just not worth getting upset over. 

Doing as we've always done - keeping our dignity and having fun -  will
go a long way towards upending the wrongful comments about us.  

And that's my personal opinion.  Notice I never said a word about
running anything or money. (evil grin).

Ever in Service, 
Gerita del Mare

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