[Ansteorra] Gulf War Traveling Question

April Gillilan agillilan at swbell.net
Mon Mar 8 04:21:20 PST 2004

JP and I don't really have a favorite stop on the way to Gulf War, but on
the way back we always stop at a hotel we found in Shreveport.  

The hotel is halfway home, so we don't have to kill ourselves getting back
in one day, and we don't have to worry about getting off site at the
butt-crack of dawn on Sunday!  :)

The other great thing about this little hotel: three hot tubs, a swimming
pool, and a laundromat!  We do all of our war laundry in one fell swoop,
while relaxing in hot tubs or swimming in the pool.  It is so very, very

Even better - we get it for half price since I always buy an Entertainment
book to save money on our eventing.  Something everyone should look into!


> What are your favourite stops on the way to Gulf War?
> Lorraine

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