[Ansteorra] Blessings

Richard Flickinger Jr rlflickingerjr at comcast.net
Sun Mar 14 09:19:58 PST 2004

Nope, she's right... Mac, lotus, etc. Any O.S. that's not as popular as
Windows isn't usually targeted. The virus we've been seeing lately (
spoofs ) a header from the address book taken from the infected computer and
makes it look like it's from that computer.
I've gotten spoofed e-mails from my ISP, from Ansteorra.org, even myself.
Although this is coming from someone we know and has this list in their
address book, it's quite impossible to find the correct return path simply
by studying the e-mail received. If your virus protection isn't completely
up to date don't open any e-mail attachments from anyone, even if you know
them until you've called and verified with them that they indeed sent it to
you. The only reason I'm answering this one is that I've been accused lately
of the exact same thing. Knowledge is power. If we use it to our advantage,
these miscreants who seek to interrupt our  method of choice in
communication will have failed.

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