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> Mike Anderson's in Baton Rouge
> Seafood with a Cajun theme but with many dishes that use a more 
> sophisticated approach. For instance, "The Guitreau" which is a poached 
> snaper covered in a sauce of spiced roux, white wine, butter, crawfish 
> tails, mushrooms and shrimp. I think of it as a blend of old style French 
> cooking and Cajun cooking. Great desserts too (I like the bread pudding 
> with whisky sauce). About 5 miles off I10.
> Not cheap but it won't break the bank either. $12-$25 per person according 
> to what you get. More if you booze it up. Since this is about 2/3 into our 
> trip we don't drink much.
> I know, the name is odd for a Cajun place. One would expect it to be 
> Mouton's or Thibideaux's or Crouchet's.  ;-)
> The address is 1031 West Lee Drive
> Doré

I used to live a few blocks from there.  Food is good. Place is popular.

Mike Anderson was a football star at LSU.

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