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The Barony of Elfsea invites you to participate in the
titled Artisan of Elfsea competition, to be held on April

Bring your most excellent piece to compete this year.
That's right, only one piece is required with
highly recommended.  The Ansteorran Laurels judging
will be utilized in this competition.  A new format will be
used this year, due to limited space.  However, this new
format will be a boon to those who wish to display 1-3 of
their very best items.  This competition is open to all
levels, beginner to expert.  Compete for the honor of
chosen the Titled Artisan of Elfsea and  hold the cloak of
honor for the next year!

Directions can be located at:

Judging format can be located at:

The location is especially close to the DFW/N.Central
area - but do not fear!  Competition will be held on
Saturday only, allowing all to join their mundane families
and friends in celebration of the Easter Sunday and/or
wonderful Texas Spring.  Don't pass up this chance!

Come join us at Elfsea Springfaire!

HL Asa Hrafnasdottir
Outgoing Artisan of Elfsea

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