[Ansteorra] Honor shields

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Thu Mar 11 08:52:39 PST 2004

Thanks.  The size of the one for Crown was what I was looking for.

We're looking at possibly, spiffing up the Royal Huntsman Shoot; and archery
in general, by using them.

The more arrows you loose, the more that can hit GOLD.
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> If you are talking about the "honor shields" normally used at Crown
> they are usually 8" x 10". If there is an event that request an honor
> shield, the event announcements normally detail what size to make the
> shield. If you are talking about the "honor shield" that you place on the
> corner of the shield you fight with.... These are usually up to 4" x 8"
> placed on the upper right hand corner (as you are looking at the shield),
> which is also known as the "Dexter" (SP?) side. The honor shield you place
> on your fighting shield is usually made out of leather with the device
> either tooled or painted on it, then attached to the fighting shield with
> the corde used to hold down the shield edging.
> I hope this help you out.
> In Service,
> HL Aldric de Kerr

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