[Ansteorra] Blessings

Richard Flickinger Jr rlflickingerjr at comcast.net
Sun Mar 14 09:19:58 PST 2004


I pray this missive finds each of you in good health and fine spirits.

To those of you preparing to head eastward to answer the Drums of War, I wish you safe passage and fine weather.  Good luck in your endeavors and may you shine with the Glory of Ansteorran fire in your hearts.  

To those or you holding the home front safe against the loneliness awaiting the return of our cousins return,  I wish you all a stout heart and peace of mind.  

Know that we shall have the true and just leadership of our beloved King and Queen, and Their chosen Commanders.  the army is well trained, the Artisans superbly talented and camp folk unwavering in desire to be of service.

Ansteorra is of one mind, one goal, one heart.  She shall enter the fray on all fronts and emerge victorious!

May the blessings of the One that you honor be with you during the days ahead.

Vivat Miguel, Vivat Conal, Vivat Ansteorra.

Yours in pursuit of this thing we call the Dream,

Brother Kriss

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