[Ansteorra] suitable camera for taking pictures inside a museum

Istvan Temesvari istvan at micahtek.com
Wed Mar 17 16:25:21 PST 2004

Not only that, but check whether the museum even allows cameras! I was
planning on visiting the Kimball Museum for the Painted Prayers
exhibit, and then found out (via their website) that cameras were not
allowed! I cancelled my trip. :-(

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Audette des Grenouilles wrote:

> When you go to some of the museums, check first if they allow tripods.  Most of
> the ones in the New York area don't.
> Audette
> Margaret Mitchell <mirrim at moritu.net> said:
> :As Bors said, get a tripod.  It's invaluble for getting good pictures in
> :low-light situations.  The higher the film speed the better, 400 or 800
> :ASA (anything higher is a hassle at airports).  I took many pictures in
> :museums in Europe with a Canon AE-1 programmable.  If possible, get a
> :camera quick and go to a local museum to "practice". Develop the film
> :and see how you did.  You'll learn alot.  A good digital camera is
> :another good idea, but more expensive.
> :
> :Mirrim
> :
> :P.S.  Put the camera and film in your carry-on luggage if you're flying.
> : The xray machines for checked luggage will ruin film, new or used.
> :The less powerful machines for carry-on luggage won't hurt it.
> :
> :rachel luce wrote:
> :>Greetings to th list-
> :>    So, I'm going to NYC in two weeks and plan on spending most of that
> :>    time inside various museums and art galleries. I was having a camera
> :>    and film discussion with my soon to be dead significant other about
> :>    what camera would enable me to task good pictures of various objects
> :>    behind glass display cases. Keep in mind that no flashes are allowed.
> :>    The upshot of an utterly useless conversation was that he couldn't
> :>    recommend a camera to me for various reasons the main one being that
> :>    he felt one should try out a camera before purchase to see How its
> :>    going to operate, how the shutters feel, where the astrological sign
> :>    were in the sky when that particular camera was manufactured, etc.
> :>         I also got an hour long lecture on shutters versus shutter speed,
> :>         resolution and lenses, type of camera (digital vs. film) and all
> :>         the weakness of the types. Did I mention he's a photo hobbyist.
> :>         Did I mention that I considered reaching through the phone an
> :>         pulling his heart out? My mother owns an Olympus stylus zoom 70
> :>         that she said I could borrow. Will this hack it? If it won't what
> :>         do I need to looking for so that I can take good photos while
> :>         I've got the opportunity to see this stuff?
> :>                                                                                   -Xanthe
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