[Ansteorra] suitable camera for taking pictures inside a museum

Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 18 14:41:37 PST 2004

I have to agree with most everything that Bors said on the subject for SLRs.

I would like to add that a good mono pod can be very helpful and a lot less of a hassle than a full tripod, but you'd better practice.  As for filters, besides the polarizing filter for the glass, you may
want to get a florescence light / warming filter as well to correct for color and make the usual F-stop correction.

And if your really serious (and have the cash), you can go to Arlington Photo and rent / try out several cameras as well (SLR, full auto, and digital).  They also have a good selection of filters and film
(that's where I get my IR and Asa 1600 BW).

Gustav alf Blitzgarten

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