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Kimberly Koch sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 10:24:53 PST 2004

Hi all,

More great news from the war!

Every year at the war, there are two tournaments
hosted by Ladies of the Rose. If I remember correctly,
these two tournies are the largest rapier tourney and
the largest chivalric tourney at the war, so the
winners are accorded great esteem.

This year, the rapier tourney, sponsored by the
Ansteorran Ladies of the Rose, was won by our very own
Dirk the Just. This is the only time I can remember
that an Ansteorran has won the tourney (does anyone
know if this is true or not?) I couldn't be more

The chivalric tourney, hosted by the Meridian Ladies
of the Rose, is limited to unbelted fighters, which
doesn't keep it from being a HUGE list. This year,
this prestigious tourney was won by Centurion Anton
(who sounds like he is having a GREAT war).

In addition to the two war points Ansteorra won
yesterday (bridge and ravine), we also tied the
archery point.

Genevieve del Gamba received a Sable Crane from Their
Majesties for her service to our great kingdom.

The live torchlight chess match (which is usually a
total blast to watch) was held last night. While there
was no official winner, there was much glory - the
match ended with the Kings of Ansteorra and Trimaris
taking on the rest of the board! I hope when folks get
home from the war, they can provide us more details
about this extraordinary feat of honor and bravery.

Congratulations to Dirk, Anton, and Genevieve, and to
all our mighty warriors and archers!

Vivat Ansteorra!


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