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Mistress Sara,
I am very pleased to hear these up dates.  I thank you for this service to
those of us who could not attend.  MY heart and thoughts are there every
Thank you very much
HL Arabella de Montacute

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Greetings all!

I have received more news from our fellow Ansteorrans
at the war.

Among the recent warpoints were the Champions Battles,
in which each kingdom choses 15 of its finest fighters
to meet in one-on-one combat. We won both the
Chivalric Champions Battle (11 to 4) and the Rapier
Champions Battle (9 to 6). In the open field battle,
while we lost the first point, we won the remaining

The sides in the moat battle were unevenly matched, so
our noble king and his wise general, Duke Patrick
Michael, gallantly yielded two units of our own men to
Trimaris, so that the sides might be more even. With
the help of Ansteorrans, Trimaris won the moat battle!

I have received no official word about the overall
outcome of the A&S point, but I have heard that two
Ansteorran entries received perfect scores!
Unfortunately, the missive I received did not name
those talented gentles, but I will be sure to post an
update once I get more details.

Last night saw the recognition of many worthy
Ansteorrans during our kingdom court. Among those who
received awards were:

- Lady Liadan Bregh - Sable Crane
- Duchess Julia de Montoya - Star of Merit
- Sir Randall der Krieger - Sable Crane
- HE Armand Dragonetti - Sable Falcon

Other awards were also given during this court, but I
don't yet have a complete report. I'll try to get a
full list and post it later.

Congratulations to everyone who was recognized in
court, to all those fighters who were chosen to
represent Ansteorra in the Champions Battles, to our
valiant forces who fought in the open field and moat
battles, and to our noble foemen, the mighty warriors
of Trimaris!


Warmest regards,

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