[Ansteorra] more news from the war

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Sun Mar 21 11:53:07 PST 2004

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> This year, the rapier tourney, sponsored by the
> Ansteorran Ladies of the Rose, was won by our very own
> Dirk the Just. This is the only time I can remember
> that an Ansteorran has won the tourney (does anyone
> know if this is true or not?) I couldn't be more
> proud!

Not to diminish the achievement of Lord Dirk (who had glories to many to 
count this week), but he follows a distinguished, Yet small list of Ansteorrans to 
win the tourney sponsored by the ladies of the rose.  I believe Don Brendan 
MacEwan, Baron Robert Macfarland, and Lord Alessandro Andretti have won that 
same list in previous years.  Lord Alessandro made the semifinal round this year 
as well.


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