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I also wish to thank you Your Grace.
At one point I had to walk back to camp.  As I returned the fog had settled
into the valley giving everything that soft, diffuse-glow, lit by the
torches, it was magical.  I looked around at the assembled mass of people
with all manner of silly, glowing hats, the sound of the drums mixed with
the many voices, I could barely make out the dancers to one side as I paused
for a moment and thought "what a bizarre collection of people" then I had to
smile as I thought "and I am one of them" just before I rejoined the chaos.
It was lots of fun!

Sir Balvin

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Our two boys had a GREAT time fighting boffer at war.  If they hadn't been
tough heavy fighters, they might have CRIED when the last fight ended:)
Our only problem was a schedule change on Sat. that put fighting at 10
instead of 11 so when we got there it was almost over.  I would love to find
a way to better inform people of such changes in the future.
Many people gave a great deal of time this war to marshal and teach our
Youth in combat, and I am forever grateful.
Mistress Gwyneth

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