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Greetings once again from your humble tavern coordinator from the
Bordermarch Autumn Melees.
Lest we forget, although there will be no feast prepared or served, we have
many culinary delights to empt you and satisfy your hungers throughout the
day so fear not, bring your appitites and leave your coolers by the list
field for all of your dining requirements will most assuredly be met.
Right now we have three taverns  serving a delightful fare and there is room
for more. Should you be interested in hosting a tavern at Bordermarch Autumn
Melees, please contact me, Ld. Elrique at cnetterville at ih2000.net and I'll
make sure to leave room for you.
All three menus are listed below along with some updates and addendums so
read all three and see what sounds best to you. Remember, melees is fast
approaching. November 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st. Starting on Thursday. Ice
will be available on site in the tavern area and this promises to be an
event to remember. I look forward to seeing you all there.

                                                        THE MENUS

The Love's Nest Tavern, being owned and operated by the lovely Lady Love of
Halesworth offering a delightful repast for every meal of the day as

Breakfast both days will be sausage, bacon or ham with egg and cheese on a
flour tortilla
Lunch both days will be hamburgers or 2 hot dogs with chips and tea
Dinner Friday will be served feast style as follows
Bread & Butter
Lemon Chicken
Onion, Cucumber, and Parsley Salad
Tartes de Chare
Tart of Rice
Dinner Saturday will be served feast style as well with a menu as follows
Bread & Butter
Torta Inivre
Mint Lettuce
Smoked Turkey Legs
Sambocade Cheesecake
Please remember to bring your feast gear for your meals, reservations are
required and the cost is 15.00 per day ( if only reserving for one day
please note which day ) or only 25.00 for all 6 meals.
children 7 to 12 are only 9.00 a day or 15.00 for all 6 meals and 6 or under
free with a paid adult. . to make reservations please contact Love at
loveofhalesworth at yahoo.com
But Wait !!!!! There's more

Our second tavern is Thy Hammered Biscuit hosted by two of our newest
members, Santiago and Elizabeth.
 you can contact the tavern proprietors personally at dblathrop at yahoo.com .
The owners do tell me that they plan on staying open late to serve desserts
and wassail and may even have a fire circle so that all may sing, tell
stories or just make new friends.
The menu looks something like this
Fresh Minted Lemonade $1.50
Hot Wassail $1.50
Flavored Coffee $1.00
Warm biscuits, Croissants and Muffins with Herb Butter $1.50 each
Meatball Trenchers $3.00
Warm Brie and Fruit Delight served with Whole Wheat Crackers $5.00 serves 2
Assortment of fruit pies $2.00 a large slice
Homemade warm Baked Apples with Cream $2.00

Sat we will have a team of "Royal Roasters" cooking a hog on site that will
be served to the nobles during a grand procession.  If the roasters aka the
royal hunters can catch another hog there will be plenty of pork for sale at
the booth also.  Cost will be minimal.

Our Tavern has a family friendly atmosphere.  We welcome any and all to
stroll on in, meet and greet new and old friends and sit by the fire while
we all reminisce of days gone by.  We'll be open late for all the brave men
and women to sit and rest there weary bones and sip a little Wassail with
family and friends.

And we're not done yet !!!!!!

Last, but certainly not least we have the Black Unicorn Tavern being hosted
by Lord Elrique and Mistress Gwyneth
This tavern will also be serving throughout the weekend with the breakfast
menu being
Pancakes, 2 eggs, ( any style ) and bacon or sausage. served with Orange
juice and/or coffee
for only 3.00 ( free refills on coffee )
The lunch menu will be Hamburgers 3.00 or cheeseburgers 3.25 with all the
corn dogs for the kids ( or kid at heart ) 1.00 ea.
French fries or hand battered onion rings 1.00 small  $2.00 Lg.
sweet potato curly fries, covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon 2.00
Elrique's own chicken fried steak and potatoes on a stick ( really yummy )
sweet or unsweetened tea 1.00 ( save your cup, .25 refills )
bring your own cup, .25 to start with( no barrels or drums please )
( still up in the air but we hope to have a fountain drink machine to offer
soft drinks as well ) 1.00 each with .50 refills
Dinner menu
We're doing this the easy way. buffet style 7.00 a person all you care to
eat !!!!! children 12 and under free with a paying adult. ( one child per
adult please ) 4.00 each for additional children.
any of these or all of them...
Our kingdom renowned ( Elrique's famous recipe ) chili
Chicken and sausage gumbo
and a hearty beef stew.
all served with rice,
bread and butter,
corn chips ( for the chili or just to snack on )
chopped onions,
fruit cobblers or fruit crunch in a pan for dessert
sweet or unsweetened tea.
bowls cups and plastic cutlery will be supplied or bring your own feast gear
to help curtail waste.
This tavern will also be selling Chuckie's gourmet 4 inch dia. cheesecakes.
5.00 each.
please make your reservations early. Chuckie will also prepare the large
commercially available cheesecakes for the reduced SCA rate of 35.00 for
anyone who would like to pick them up on Friday evening or Saturday. We will
have available the original New York, the strawberry swirl, the
chocolate/caramel swirl ,or the turtle. write to us at
cnetterville at ih2000.net to pre reserve yours today. ( 4" cheesecakes serve
4 ) large cheesecakes serve 12 and weigh about 6 pounds each

( Please remember that all menus and prices here are tentative and subject
to change based upon current market availability. Menus will be posted by
each tavern on site )

For anyone else interested in hosting a tavern at the Bordermarch autumn
melees please contact the tavern coordinator, Lord Elrique at
cnetterville at ih2000.net and reserve your space today.
The tavern proprietors look forward to serving you and making your stay with
Bordermarch a memorable one.
In servitiae Christe et Coronae
Ld. Elrique Falcone DeNetterville
Tavern coordinator

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