[Ansteorra] Friday night Prize Thank You's!

Conner Craig conner at apple.com
Tue Nov 2 06:46:12 PST 2004


I would like to thank everyone who came and helped make my Prize fights a
wonderful experience.  I had a great time and have wonderful memories from
it.  I don¹t know how many passes were played, but I know there were well
over 20 players at 5 passes each.

I would particularly like to give word fame to the following people -

Lady Emeline for providing a yummy sideboard!  I heard many comments
praising your food, thank you so much.  Also, I promise that if I ever fight
a Prize again I will eat dinner first.  Also Lord Nicholas del Norte, Her
Ladyship Lucia, Rene and Lady Robin for helping set up the sideboard.

His Excellency (how cool is that!) Eule and Don Shamino for allowing me to
fight my Prize at the event and on the stage.  I cannot think of a better

Her Ladyship Mot, His Lordship Tarquin and His Lordship Snori for being the
judges for my Prize.  I¹m honored to have such distinguished friends be with
me on this special occasion.

To all those who helped clear the stage so the Prize could begin ­ Her
Excellency Claire, Don Tivar, Don Robert, Her Excellency Aeththeylan, Lady
Rosalind, His Lordship Alfred, and Don Eule, and all those whom I have
forgotten in my haze of getting ready.

Lady Lisette, Rene, Don Robert, Don Aeron, Don Avery, Don Tivar, Lady
Rosalind and all the other marshals who kept me and the players from the
edge of the stage.

Lord Wilhelm von Artz for providing musical accompaniment during our passes.
Very cool!

Lord Douglas and Her Ladyship Mot for their help with my banner.

Finally, I would like to thanks two others ­ Don Iolo and my Lady Robin.  To
Iolo, for his guidance, patience and wisdom.  And for Lady Robin Anderson of
Ross, without whom none of this would have been possible, really.

For those who helped and whom I have forgotten to mention, I¹m sorry, but
please know that you have my eternal thanks for making this a special night.
Thank you.

Thanks all, once again,
Conor Drummond, WSA
Conner B Craig
Apple Computer, Inc.

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