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Good Lady Alina,

    On the behalf of the combatants present, I'd like to thank you and your 
waterbearers as well. Without your assistance, we would not be capable of 
continuing our battles as our health would be in great risk. The 
waterbearers' efforts are much noticed and appreciated.

Humiliez Le Respect,
Madame Colète d'Évreux

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> Greetings From Alina:
> I would like to thank my wonderful crew of waterbearer from this past 
> weekend at Bryn Gwlad's Twenty-Fifth Year Celebration.
> I had six junior (children) waterbearer helping me and they are the 
> following:
> Anjuli
> Baila
> Daniel
> Kethry
> Lochlan
> Morgan
> Robbie
> These children were wonderful little helpers who were so eager to help.
> The following adults who helped were instrumental in making the 
> waterbearing station run smoothly. They are the following: Ariel, her 
> husband, Daniel and a very pregnant Ana. I could not have done what I was 
> able to do this past weekend without them.
> I had four young ladies helping in the afternoon with waterbearing, but I 
> regret to say I never was able to get their names. They   were much needed 
> and very appreciated.
> In conclusion, thank you again to all the waterbearers at Bryn Gwlad's 
> Twenty-Five Year Celebration.
> Thank You,
> Lady Alina Mitchell 

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