[Ansteorra] Tentative Schedule for Tourney by the Loch

Denise Jurgens mdjurgens at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 4 15:21:29 PST 2004

For those who are interested and have requested a copy of the schedule for 
Saturday's Tourney by the Loch ...

7:00am - Gate opens
8:00am - Rapier Armor inspection begins
9:30am - Morning Court
10:00am - Championship Tourneys begin for Rapier, Equestrian and Archery
               Charter Painting begins
               Morning Children's Activities begin
11:00am - Chivalric Armor Inspection begins
12:00pm - Lunch / Youth Rapier Tourney begins
               Baron William's Chivalric Fighting Fun begins
               Morning Children's Activities end
1:00pm - Youth Arts and Crafts Activities begin
2:00pm - Afternoon Children's Activities begin
3:00pm - Afternoon Children's Activities end
4:00pm - Charter Painting ends
5:00pm - Evening Court
6:00pm - Feast and Bardic Entertainment

Our Rapier, Equestrian and Archery Champions will receive handsome wooden 
pyroengraved ice chests suitable for SCA events.  Our Youth Rapier Champion 
will receive a fencing foil and assorted largesse from the grateful populace 
of Loch Soilleir.
The Site is Rohan Farm,  5203 FM 2403   Alvin, Tx 77511.  More details can 
be found at loch-soilleir.ansteorra.org/tourney .

In Service,
Lady Mairi M'Donnyle
Event Steward

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