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Mon Nov 8 07:59:54 PST 2004

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Please forgive me if any of you consider this an
intrusion or SPAM.
A new non-fiction book about the SCA, The Knights Next
Door: Everyday
People Living Middle Ages Dreams, is now out in both
hardcover and
paperback. Details are available at
The Knights Next Door is an overview of the modern
medieval subculture 
skeptical outsiders, for excited newcomers and for
veterans of the SCA, 
can learn about the people and activities within the
Society they have
heard about but never been able to make the long trip
to see firsthand. 
Knights Next Door also might make a good gift for
friends and relatives 
wonder just what you do every weekend.
The book contains descriptions of Pennsic, Gulf Wars,
a Twelfth Night, 
Atlantian university, Al Hafla, and Midrealm events
Baron Wars, 
Oaken War Maneuvers, a Crown Tournament and a
Notable figures from across the SCA interviewed for
this book include:
Diana Listmaker, host of the first ever SCA event
Frederick of Holland, one of the first event attendees
Henrik of Havn, another of the first event attendees
Jade of Starfall, winner of the most Crown Tournaments
in Society 
Duchess Elina of Beckenham, author of The Armored Rose
Duke Baldar Langstrider, first King of Trimaris and
inventor of Baldar
Blunt arrowheads
Cariadoc of the Bow, Middle Kingdom pioneer who
started the Pennsic War
Their Graces Andreas Eisfalke and Isabella of York of
the East Kingdom
The Clan Tynker, the performing family from The
Sir Kief av Kierstead, a Lion of Ansteorra
Baron Durr al-jabal
Master Pavel Iosevich, founder of the Calontir Shield
Master Andrixos Seljukroctronis, owner of Calontir
Dame Alys Katherine, longtime head of the Pennsic
And dozens of Kings, Queens, Knights, Pelicans and
Laurels from across 
SCA's Known World, along with many, many others.
Thank you,
Patrick O'Donnell/Mael Patraic mac Domnaill


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