[Ansteorra] Farwell, until we meet again, Lord Wormy

Monica Riney monicariney at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 14 15:40:01 PST 2004

The sun sets in Ansteorra and a sixty day journey has now ended.  With the
rising of the sun, Lord William Worm will begin his pilgrimage to rediscover
family, to seek scholarly knowledge, and to live life to the fullest.  Worm
shall pass the far Northern borders of Ansteorra into Calontir with the
setting of the sun, tomorrow.  From Calontir, in the morning sun, he shall
travel to the Midrelm where his journey will begin.

For those who wish to send missives and such, his contact information shall

Ronald Wurm
340 South Cass Ave BE
Westmont, IL  60559

Thank you for taking this journey with me.
Mistress Rosalia di Bellavita

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