[Ansteorra] newly noted silver coinage

Jay Yeates jyeates at realtime.net
Tue Nov 16 04:33:17 PST 2004

i have no current association with this organization, but thought it was a
interesting and relevant thing to pass along ....

knowing how the folk here like shiny silver things .. how about new silver
coins that are real money and gaining a growing acceptance????


found my first "american liberty dollar" last night at a local (austin)
restaurant bar and snagged it for curiosity sake.  this might be something
the vendors & merchants might want to look into.  talking to the staff &
owner, seems there is a growing web of merchants locally accepting these at
face value.

the coin itself is a nicely minted (good design, excellent engraving, crisp
striking, even rolled edges...)... hefty, at 1 ounce of .99 fine silver
(feels really good in the hand).

... gotta find a employer that pays in these (g)

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